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Brand: La Bottega
PARMIGIANA CHICKEN WITH FRESH MIX OF SALADSParmigiana chicken with fresh mix of salads, kiwi dressing, parmesan mayonnaiseAllergens: milk, eggs, gluten, celery..
19.90 лв.
Ex Tax:19.90 лв.
Brand: La Bottega
SICILIAN RECIPE MEATBALLS OF SELECTED VEAL FROM “OMAYA” FARMSicilian recipe meatballs of selected veal from “Omaya” farm with parmesan, leek and fresh tomatoes, served with chopped tomatoes, mixed with hot peppers and roasted potatoesAllergens: milk..
21.20 лв.
Ex Tax:21.20 лв.
Brand: La Bottega
VEAL SAUSAGES FROM “OMAYA RANCH”Veal sausages from “Omaya Ranch”, served with mushroom compote and a skewer of roasted cherry tomatoesAllergens: milk..
21.90 лв.
Ex Tax:21.90 лв.
Brand: La Bottega
VEAL BONNE-FILLET WITH PORCINI SAUCEVeal bonne-fillet with porcini mushroom sauce, served with roasted potatoes and cherry tomato confitAllergens: milk..
32.90 лв.
Ex Tax:32.90 лв.
Brand: La Bottega
TAGLIATA DI MANZO - GRILLED BEEF FILLETTagliata di manzo - grilled beef fillet, served with warm potato salad with fresh onions and kiwi dressing, beer sauce with chicory and celeryAllergens: milk, celery..
34.90 лв.
Ex Tax:34.90 лв.
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