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Brand: La Bottega
SEABASS FILLET WITH CRISPY RICOTTASeabass fillet with crispy ricotta crust and herbal bread crumbs, served with chicory cream, roasted fennel and zucchiniAllergens: gluten, milk, fish..
24.90 лв.
Ex Tax:24.90 лв.
Brand: La Bottega
SHRIMPS, SLOWLY COOKED IN OLIVE OILShrimps, slowly cooked in olive oil, garlic and hot peppers, sprinkled with smoked red pepper and served with yeast breadAllergens: gluten, shellfish..
26.90 лв.
Ex Tax:26.90 лв.
Brand: La Bottega
OCTOPUS SKEWER, SERVED WITH CHICORY-FENNEL-RADICCHIO SALAD Octopus skewer, served with Chicory-fennel-radicchio salad and fresh yoghurt creamAllergens: milk, molluscs..
29.50 лв.
Ex Tax:29.50 лв.
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