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Brand: Trevalli
CACIOTTA WITH CILLI PEPPER*Price is for 100gSemi-hard cheese, made from 100% Italian cow and sheep's milk. The mixed Caciotta Cheese was originally prepared during the winter period and belongs to the tradition when the cheese was prepared with sweet chili peppers. INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow'..
4.22 лв.
Ex Tax:4.22 лв.
Brand: Trevalli
CACIOTTA WITH TRUFFLE*Price is for 100gSemi-hard truffle cheese, obtained from 100% Italian cow and sheep's milk.INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow's milk, pasteurized sheep's milk, Acqualagna truffle (min. 2%), salt, rennet, selected ferments, flavours. Preservatives: E202 - E235 (in the crust).HOW TO US..
5.80 лв.
Ex Tax:5.80 лв.
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