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GORGONZOLA DOLCE DOP*Price is for 100gMILK-TYPE: CowTREATMENT : PasteurizedAGING : min. 2 months SHELF-LIFE : 60 days Blue cheese characterized by soft and creamy texture. Produced with selected milk from the areas of Producers Association. ..
4.49 лв.
Ex Tax:4.49 лв.
PECORINO*Price is for 100gHard cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk.Pecorino is the name given to all Italian cheeses made from sheep's milk.Pecorino from Casearia Carpenedo, has a smooth and firm crust that is pale straw in color...
4.75 лв.
Ex Tax:4.75 лв.
Speziato al tartufoSpeziato is a soft compact cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. Silvers of black truffle are integrated into the paste of the cheese before pressing. After a brief aging period, the wheels are rubbed with a treatment of extra virgin olive oil and spices, especially cinnamon a..
6.20 лв.
Ex Tax:6.20 лв.
CONCIATO AL PEPEConciato al Pepe is a hard pasteurized sheep milk cheese aged in a selected mix of black pepper. It is matured for a minimum of 5 months, during which it develops a very sharp pepper flavour and an aromatic aftertaste. This cheese stood second at the Caseus Veneti 2013 in the categor..
6.50 лв.
Ex Tax:6.50 лв.
LUNA DI MIELE*Price is for 100gLuna di Miele is a sweet fusion between goat's milk and honey. this great cheese brings back the emotions to our childhood, remembering the feeling we had in front of a cup of warm milk and honey. The crust is covered by natural beewax , a perfect frame of this romanti..
7.56 лв.
Ex Tax:7.56 лв.
VENTO D'ESTATE COW'S MILK*Price is for 100gMILK-TYPE : CowTREATMENT : PasteurizedAGING : min. 5 monthsSHELF-LIFE : 365 days MATCHES : Red Wines - Beers Hard cheese, aged in barrels with high mountain hay hand- cut. Unique and pleasantly aromatic flavour with hay's an..
8.29 лв.
Ex Tax:8.29 лв.
BLU '61®*Price is for 100gMilk Type : CowTreatment : PasteurizedAging: Min. 2 months Shelf-Life: 75 daysMatches : Dessert Wines  Soft blue cheese aged in Raboso Passito IGT wine and cranberries. Intense and unique flavor, balanced by the sweet notes of passito wine. -First-plac..
9.98 лв.
Ex Tax:9.98 лв.
BLUGINS*Price is for 100gInnovative blue cheesee made from cow's milk matured in Roby Martons Gin. Sweetness and creaminess of cheese melt in a spice and balsamic freshness of Gin. Blugins is dedicated to those that do not like banality to everyone who loves to dare at dinner and in life...
11.50 лв.
Ex Tax:11.50 лв.
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