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Buffalo yogurt in a jar

Buffalo yogurt in a jar
Buffalo yogurt in a jar



Farm Under the Balkans produces natural dairy and meat products from buffalo, sheep, cows and goat's milk and meat. The buffaloes and the sheep they raise are from rare Bulgarian breeds - the Bulgarian Murra buffaloes and Karakachan sheep raised freely in the pastures of central Stara Planina.


Nikola Kulov, an offspring of Karakachan, and his wife Tanya watch 900 Karakachan sheep, 150 buffaloes of Bulgarian Murra, over 200 goats and over 200 cows (including meat-eaters). The farm and sales help their children Agora and Jani, as well as his brother and his family. In late autumn and all winter until early spring, the Karakachan sheep of Kulovi graze in Podbalkana and the foothills of Sredna Gora, and in summer and early warm autumn they graze in the pasture area "Ravnets" of Central Balkan National Park. Throughout the grazing season, buffaloes find food and coolness around the Byala and Nevolya rivers.


The unique taste of the dairy products of the farm “Under the Balkans” is due to the combination of breed, soil, air, free-range grazing in the Balkans, as well as the traditional Bulgarian recipe for production and ripening - only with rennet yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

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