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Classification: DOC Nardò Red

Region: Puglia

Grape Varieties: Negroamaro100%

Tasting Notes 

Colour: Dark burgundy colour

Perfume: A singular olfactory explosion of spice, leather and tobacco notes with a pronounced fruity finish.

Flavour: A vigorous wine that will tantalize your palate with its velvety structure, softened by a light tannin that leaves a nicely slightly bitter aftertaste.

Food recommendations:  Beef, Pasta, Lamb

Serving temperature: 16 - 18°C

Vintage 2020
Country Italy
Region Puglia
Protected geographical indication DOC
Color xxx
Alcohol 13,5 %
Cork type Cork
Serving temperature 16-18°

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After a 3-year-long accurate restoration work, Schola Sarmenti eventually opens its doors to wine lovers – a mid-1800s wine building, abandoned for over 50 years. Not only an old symbol of the Salento oenology, but also an important cornerstone of our architectural tradition has been brought back to its original beauty by the Marras and Calabreses.

At our winery, visitors may admire the breathtaking beauty of the starry vaults made of tuff stone ashlars and pietra leccese. The embrace between present and past finds its higher expression in the unique, thrilling details. Going slowly downstairs, an intense fragrance enchants your heart and you cannot wait to uncover our underground world. A last step and you are finally immersed in our wine world – a barrique cellar realized from old tanks where an ideal temperature and a constant level of humidity all the year round makes it the perfect place for aging wines in barrels first and refinig wines in bottles later.

A place where you can breathe the air of the past while the scent of wood and the exciting smell of wine give you a foretaste of a perfect delight.