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BIO COTTAGE CHEESE "РУКАТКА"   Extremely useful, it is one of the most valuable foods that one should consume daily. * Ready for direct consumption, vacuumed in packages of 250 g or 500 g...
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BIO CHEESE "РУКАТКА"   The real cow's cheese is not snow white, but with a very delicate, slightly yellowish color, due to the natural content of animal fat. Our cheese is just that - grown with care for an average of 45 days, in the dark as the cheese like. Recommendation: remove the cheese..
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ORGANIC YOGHURT "РУКАТКА"Prepared from bio-certified milk of cows, grazing on lush Balkan meadows. Full fat - from 3.6% to 4.2%, according to the natural fat content of the particular milk. A side effect of consumption: evokes true nostalgia for the carefree past. Because our yogurt contains only th..
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BIO YELLOW CHEESE "РУКАТКА"   "Rukatka" Cheese has been ripening for at least 60 days. For 1 kg of cheese is used between 10 and 11 liters of fresh milk. The result is a thick, rich and tempting taste...
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БИО КРАВЕ МАСЛО "РУКАТКА" - 200 ГСъвършената намазана филия с масло, поръсена със сол и чубрица, си е направо занаятчийско изкуство. Тя ни вдъхнови да сме сред малкото производители на българско био-сертифицирано краве масло (25 л мляко за 1 кг масло).  Отделяме сметаната от прясното мляко, сле..
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