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Deserts and jams from Sicily

VINCENZOVO LADYFINGERS 400GR  Classical Italian Savoiardi according to an original recipe with natural ingredients and without added fats, added preservatives or added colors and artificial flavors. Suitable for breakfast and desserts...
5.80 лв.
Ex Tax:5.80 лв.
Brand: Daidone
6.80 лв.
Ex Tax:6.80 лв.
Brand: Daidone
PRICKLY EXTRA JAM FICHIDINDIAVery typical fruit for Sicily.  Also known like Fichidindia and prickly pear.Daidone Exquisiteness jams and marmalades are made only with Sicilian fruits, with a high percentage of fruit content and without no pectin. Just fresh fruit and sugar - to respect nature a..
11.60 лв.
Ex Tax:11.60 лв.
Brand: Daidone
ONION JAM 160 g.  This onion is handmade product, using typical for the region Sicilian onion...
12.80 лв.
Ex Tax:12.80 лв.
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