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Grape Varieties: Chardonnay

Region: Veneto

Ageing: 3 months in oak barrels from the massive French central.


Description: The first Cuvée all other of the House, or "The First Cuvée". What Villa Rinaldi made ​​in the mid-60s and from which he took inspiration for all his other reserves. It collects all the perfumes of spring, white roses, lime blossom and hawthorn. Why Villa Rinaldi wanted so his first Chardonnay. The sparkling wine from the kit yet more Floral Maison flowers with hints of jasmine and cedar. Elements of great freshness. Rounding out the aromatic notes of pink grapefruit and pear brandy.


Food recommendations:  For the noble freshness that is emerging on the palate "Rinaldi Première" consecrates the aperitif more refined menu of seafood and vegetarian options. Perfect with Cruditeè.

Serving temperature: 6°C in a large tulip

Vintage 2018
Country Italy
Region Veneto
Color Straw yellow
Alcohol 13 %
Cork type Cork
Serving temperature 6
Ageing potential to 12 months

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Villa Rinaldi


Villa Rinaldi is a genuine and exuberant Italian Maison de Négoce with a creative personality that since the 60’s coined his own style through research of elegant grape varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noiand the reintroduction of ancient and rigorous winemaking practices such as long of the base wines in French oak barrels and the degorgement à la volée.

All this in order to respect those magical balance that only nature and craftsmanship forge know and that this House has decided to make its expression and unparalleled. This is how the Sparkling Villa Rinaldi enchant with pomp and opulence, to seduce and conquer the infinite multitude of fragrances and memories to which, more often than not, you can’t give a name.