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MORTADELLA WITH TRUFFLE*price is for 100gProduced at the Villani facility in Bologna from only the best raw materials, for a product of the highest quality: derinded fresh pork shoulder with the fat trimmed off, pieces of neck fat and flakes of choice summer truffle.The tasty flavor of a quality mor..
4.73 лв.
Ex Tax:4.73 лв.
SALAM FELINO SLICE 100 G  Made from carefully selected pure pork, placed in a natural casing of the intestine and stretched by hand. Lightly seasoned, with salt and pepper. It has a characteristic softness, intense colour and delicate taste...
8.30 лв.
Ex Tax:8.30 лв.
SALAM MILANO SLICE 100G  Made only from selected Italian pork.Skilful, slow drying ensures uniform colouring and density.Aroma: sweet taste, typical of Milanese salami. Storage: at a temperature of + 1 / + 4 C °..
10.10 лв.
Ex Tax:10.10 лв.
PANCETTA MAGRA SLICE Unique aroma and finished taste. Very sweet and tasty. Its soft texture melts in your mouth, satisfying even the most demanding gourmet type. Gluten free Storage: at a temperature of + 1 / + 4 C °..
10.90 лв.
Ex Tax:10.90 лв.
ITALIAN PORK PASTRAMI - COPPA SLICE 110 G Coppa - Represents an Italian high-quality pork neck matured from 70 to 90 days, hand salted in the traditional way. Soft and lasting taste, delicate light aroma and great individuality.   Koppa is excellent as an appetizer, ideal as a supp..
11.10 лв.
Ex Tax:11.10 лв.
ANTIPASTO ITАLIANO WEIGHT:  g 120 The best Villani cold meats: Coppa Ham, Milanese salami and dry – cured ham. Perfect traditional assortment of Italian salami.Gluten free. Storage: at a temperature of + 1 / + 4 C °..
12.10 лв.
Ex Tax:12.10 лв.
BREZAOLA SLICE Cold pressed beef with a distinctive shapeAppetizing and with a delicate texture. Delicate and delicious,Gluten free. Storage: at a temperature of + 1 / + 4 C °..
13.10 лв.
Ex Tax:13.10 лв.
PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DI PARMA SLICE - 100 GR  It matures for 16 months at the Villani plant in Pastorello di Parma, according to the D.O.P. DOP (“Denominazione di Origine Protetta” – Designation of protected origin).  The meat is salted and then left to rest for the necessary time to ensu..
13.90 лв.
Ex Tax:13.90 лв.
PROSCIUTTO CRUDO WITH BLACK TRUFFLE SLICE - 100 gr  It is slices of hand-salted Italian pork, which matures in a cellar, as is the tradition of the best hams.It is seasoned with slices of summer truffle, which are clearly visible. Unique aroma and bold, alluring taste...
14.30 лв.
Ex Tax:14.30 лв.
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