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Piluna Primitivo Salento 0.375 - 2015Pilùna is a monovarietal of Primitivo. We are a few kilometers outside the primitivo DOC of Manduria, therefore Pilùna falls within the disciplinary of IGT Salento....  The name Pilùna indicates the ancient tufaceous containers in which oil and wine wer..
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Centine 0.375 - 2016A perfect marriage of the best Tuscan tradition of Sangiovese and the international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Intense mauve red color. The fresh and fruity scents that stand out on the nose are accompanied by sweet notes of small fruits and vanilla. Elegant wine, in which th..
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ROSSO TOSCANA - 2018Classification: IGT Rosso ToscanaRegion: ToscanaGrape Varieties: Sangiovese 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot 20%Vinification: Traditional method with controlled temperature and pumping over.Ageing: 6 months in stainless steel tanks followed by 3 months in the bottleDescription: Yo..
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VITESE NERO D'AVOLA 2019ORGANIC AND VEGAN WINES:A HISTORICAL BRAND WORKING FOR THE FUTUREClassification: Vitese Nero D'Avola is an organic and vegan wine.Region: SiciliaGrape Varieties: Nero D'Avola 100%Description: It is intense ruby red with a bouquet Very fruity with scents of red berries (cherry..
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VITESE SYRAH 2019ORGANIC AND VEGAN WINESClassification: IGTRegion: SicilyGrape Varieties: Syrah 100%Description: Ruby red with purple hues. Its aroma evokes red berries (lack berries) and the flowers of violets. In the mouth the taste is that of a well-structured and robust wine. Enveloping and pene..
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Brand: Antinori
Peppoli 0,375 - 2017The Pèppoli vineyards produce a Chianti Classico that is a blend made from Sangiovese grapes and complementary varieties; Peppoli is recognized and appreciated for the full expression of its fruit. A wine that represents the Chianti Classico territory and its historic grape varie..
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ROCCAMORA - 2017Classification: DOC Nardò RedRegion: PugliaGrape Varieties: Negroamaro100%Tasting Notes Colour: Dark burgundy colourPerfume: A singular olfactory explosion of spice, leather and tobacco notes with a pronounced fruity finish.Flavour: A vigorous wine that will tantalize your palat..
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CRITÈRA - 2017Primitivo from young vinesClassification: I.G.T. Salento RedRegion: PugliaGrape Varieties: Primitivo 100%Tasting Notes Colour: Dense dark colorPerfume: Genuine aromas, typical of precious grapes. An irresistible wine whose elegance draws you subliminally into its orbit, redolent o..
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Brand: Antinori
Villa Antinori Rosso 0.375 - 2019Villa Antinori was introduced in 1928 by Marchese Niccolò Antinori, father of Marchese Piero Antinori, as the first Chianti Classico that could age and that would improve over time. In 2001, Piero Antinori inaugurated a newer interpretation of Villa Antinori tha..
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Brand: Wine Hippies
Spaceman Melnik Wine HippiesSpaceman Melnik carring the spirit and character of Melnik region whete the grapes come from and where the wine was vinified...
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C'D'C' ROSSO - 2018 Classification: Sicilia IGP   Region: Sicilia Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Nero d'Avola, Syrah   Description: The diverse peoples that set up a common home here weave a seamless mythological tapestry. The theme of this bottle is the unveiling of the Sicily o..
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Brand: Antinori
Sabazio 2017Sabazio Vino Rosso di Montepulciano has the freshness associated with the traditional Sangiovese variety together with vibrant aromas characteristic of Merlot in a unique expression of the centuries-old Montepulciano territory. The wine takes its name from Sabatino Lulli, known as “Sabaz..
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Brand: Wine Hippies
Wine Traveler Merlot & SyrahWine Traveler is a blend of Merlot and SyrahStrong, soul, real, free are the key words describing the first red wine of Wine Hippies..
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Nerìo - 2015Classification: Riserva D.O.C. Nardò RedRegion: PugliaGrape Varieties:  Negroamaro 80%, Malvasia Nera 20%Tasting Notes Colour: A ruby-red wine with a light shade of purple.Perfume: Generous in fruit flavor and spicy notes, its vaguely sweet taste stimulates your imagination. It..
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SERPAIOLO - 2018THE PLAYFUL TEENAGERClassification: Rosso Toscana IGPRegion: ToscanaGrape Varieties: Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Sangiovese 20%Description:  Once dismissed as hard and dry „serpaie“ snake nests by the Maremma inhabitants, the terrain possessed important qualities and cha..
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Brand: Wine Hippies
Deer Gentleman Wine HippiesDeer Gentleman is a blend of Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon..
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Barone Ricasoli Chianti Sangenovese - 2018Wine Region: Tuscany, ItalyGrape: SangioveseTasting NotesBrilliant ruby red with lovely fragrances of ripe fruit, hints of violet, cherries and a slight touch of menthol. Round, pleasant, nice freshness, well balanced on the mouth with a lingering final..
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CUBARDI  - 2017Primitivo from 65-year-old vinesClassification: I.G.T. Salento RedRegion: PugliaGrape Varieties: Primitivo 100%Tasting Notes Colour: Dark red wine.Perfume: From our old vines, symbols of old stories and whole lives lovely devoted to our land, this wine grows out, a true expr..
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Masciarelli Montepulciano d’AbruzzoThe first line created by Gianni Masciarelli has become over the years a milestone for the company and its customers. In order to guarantee to all our customers healthy, safe and excellent products, regardless of their price point, Masciarelli has acquired over 60 ..
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Brand: Marco Felluga
COLLIO MERLOT VARNERI - 2016Classification: Collio DOCRegion: FriuliGrape Varieties: Merlot 100%Ageing:  Twelve months in oak casks, followed by a refining period of approximately six months in the bottle.Description: Merlot "Varneri" by Marco Felluga is an intense and fruity red wine, aged in ..
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